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Replace your existing system and SAVE!

What are your options to comply?
Until December 2014, temporary use of recycled or recovered R22 is possible, BUT availability is limited and costs high.

Replace and reap the rewards!

In light of the impending legislation, air cool engineering systems is working closely with Mitsubishi Electric, to demonstrate why it now makes sense to replace ageing systems with newer and more efficient equipment.

Since June 2009,
air cool engineering systems has been ‘rolling out’ Mitsubishi’s ‘Replace Scheme’ which, through specialised auditing software, will show clients the environmental and financial benefits to replace existing air conditioning systems. We can quickly assess your business needs and provide you with detailed facts and figures which highlight anticipated energy and financial savings, realistic pay-back periods and the carbon efficiencies offered with replacements.

If you're existing air conditioning system needs to be replaced,
call air cool engineering systems on 01438 880326. We'll organise a site visit and inspect in detail, the possibilities of reusing existing pipework to replace the system - saving your business time and money. Alternatively, complete the web enquiry form here.
  More reasons than ever to replace!

Lower Fuel Bills - Enjoy huge savings in both energy and fuel bills by replacing dated systems with Mitsubishi Electric’s latest advanced products

Reduce CO2 Emissions - Mitsubishi Electric’s new low carbon technologies provide powerful solutions offering optimum efficiency and minimum CO2.

Low Installation Costs - Mitsubishi Electric’s ‘Replace Technology’ enables existing pipe work to be used, minimising disruption, downtime and installation costs.

Welcome Tax Incentives - Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA) offers businesses tax incentives to evaluate their use of energy and investment in improved efficiency.

Renewed Warranty - All clients will benefit from the renewed 7 year warranty protection, offered as standard with new Mitsubishi Electric’s systems.

Click here to see Mitsubishi Electric's patented Replace Technology in action.

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