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It’s mandatory to have your air conditioning F-Gas inspected!

F gases are a family of chemicals that contain fluorine. Most F-Gases are very powerful greenhouse gases which contribute to global warming if emitted into the atmosphere.

The principal objective of the EC F-Gas Regulation and related legislation, is to contain, prevent and thereby reduce emissions of F-Gases. In line with this, the Government supports the principle of containment, but believes that in the long-term F-Gas use is unsustainable.

As an operator of such equipment, you are now legally required to maintain records covering the maintenance of equipment and any refrigerants added to or reclaimed from your systems.

What your business must do NOW
to comply with the law

Make a full list of all your air conditioning and heat pumps on your premises. All systems should already be labeled to help you make your list and includes the type and quantity of gas in each system.

air cool engineering systems’ F-Gas team on 01438 880 766 for a free quotation for your site inspection. Your quotation will be based on the number of units on your premises.

REFCOM To view our F-Gas Certification please click on the logo

After the on-site air conditioning inspection is carried out, we willprovide your business with a detailed engineer’s F-Gas report.

What is in a standard F-Gas report?

• Comprehensive details of equipment being tested
• Details of any refrigerant added to your system
including refrigerant bottle serial numbers
• Details of refrigerant removed from your system
• Leak Test results – comparison of actual running
pressures against expected
• Visual inspections of systems and details of
follow-up actions

This F-gas report will be held on our files for future inspections and a duplicate copy will be issued to your business, to prove that you had your equipment ‘leak checked’ and that a certified contractor managed any hazardous waste legally.

Further details on F-Gas Regulation can be viewed by clicking onto the DEFRA website.

For further details air cool engineering’s F-Gas Inspection team by telephoning 01438 880326 or email us on

Please note: air cool engineering systems installs, maintains and services stationary air-conditioning, heating and ventilation equipment. By law we must hold a Company F-Gas Certificate issued by an appointed Company Certification Body - REFCOM. Likewise, all our engineers hold Certificates in Handling Refrigerants. Without these certifications, we would not be permitted to handle air conditioning equipment.

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